Progress cycles is a Spanish wheel producer

2018 New Processing Core Technologies

From 3K Diamond polished brake surface to special aero designs. We use the last innovations to build the strongest, lightest and most efficient wheels on the market. Every year we introduce the best production processes and materials to give you a wheel ready to survive all your adventures.


Full carbon new generation rims. Hand built and finished by a new working process of laying up a ultra-light weight carbon rim.
A unique Ultra Smooth Carbon Fiber Molding with extremely reduced resin.
No Painting Carbon Rim – extra strong 3K Twill Carbon with more homogeneous resin filling.
No stickers high resistant water transfer graphics shows a long lasting and beautiful appearance. Handmade – under strict and very slow working process.

Patented HI-TG Resin System

High TG 240°C Brake Surface Getting into a 90% of carbon fiber capability and giving a stable, safty and durable rim. Patented resin fomula, same to leading brands Actual Resin decomposing temp: 270°C

Dynamic Mechanical Thermal Analysis

DMA Testing: Resin Heat Resistance
Resin Glass Transition Point & Melting Point
Result: Glass Transition Temperature rating is 240.13 ºC

TGA (Thermogravimetric Analysis)

TGA Testing: Maximum resin heat resistance temperature
Resin changing process with the rising temperature
Result: Temperature reaches 270 ºC resin started to be decomposed slightly


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