Reelight velosipēdu gaismas CIO


Reelight CIO

  • Manufacturer: Reelight ApS
  • Model: CIO
  • Season: 2019

Reelight CIO gaismas

Kā uzstādīt Reelight SL100 Magnētu Gaismas

How to mount Reelight SL100 Flash Light aizsākums ir tieši velosipēdu gaismas !
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A new generation of battery free bike lights

The CIO bike lights operates on its own eco-friendly power, with the use of a friction-free system, composed of a small magnet mounted on the spokes and a generator integrated into the light itself.

With no power switch required, CIO is designed to meet the demands of modern transportation. Reelight battery free lights are always on, allowing you to be visible day and night, and in all kinds of weather – and all you have to do is ride. If you stop your bike momentarily, the CIO’s ReePower™ backup system automatically continues to supply power for two minutes, ensuring you are safe even when stopping in traffic.

The lights are mounted with ReeMount™ – a straightforward and secure wire system that makes positioning your lights faster and easier than ever before. The wire is made from coated stainless steel, ensuring a strong mount and minimizing the risk of breakage or theft.

The set includes: Front light and rear light, two magnets, mounting guide and mounting tool.





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