Norādītajās cenās iekļauts pievienotās vērtības nodoklis un piegādes izmaksas.

Piegādes termiņus lūdzu prasīt atsevišķi, jo prece tiek pasūtīta tieši no noliktavām Eiropā, taču parasti piegāde aizņem apmēram nedēļu, vai divas.

REACTION Cycles is a bike shop whose main product are bicycles. REACTION Cycles is specialized in the development of online stores in various bicycle segments represented in several European markets.

The ordered bicycles are serviced at the Reaction logistics center and sent out to customers around the world.

Reaction Cycles Bike Store is distinguished by some important details from others:

  • Bicycles are available in a wide range of sizes from each model.
  • A great price-performance ratio - a good bike ride and a reliable bike shop.
  • Friendly, competent customer bicycle service and bike shop.

Reaction bicycle shop supports sustainability, environmental protection, continuous development, bike rides, of course, also, bikes. We have only one planet, so sustainability and environmental protection are one of the components of the philosophy of the Reaction bike shop. We believe that bicycles are the most environmentally friendly way to move.

The Reaction Bicycle Shop aims to be a model for others, so we always achieve our goals by providing our customers with the best bike deals in city !

The Reaction Bike Shop staff will help you choose a carbon, or aluminum frame, 29er, or 27.5er, Gravel, or Cyclo Cross, BMX Trial, or Race. How To Understand Bicycle Equipment - Weight Ratio To Price? Another important issue is children's bicycles - how to find a suitable bike for your little rider? Reaction specialists will be happy to help you with your bike, because we like bicycles ourselves and are passionate cyclists themselves.

Call, write, come and visit - the Reaction range of products includes many good bicycles and bike discount.

REACTION Cycles is a team of cyclists who knows almost everything about the bicycle history, actualities and future.

We trust in bicycle power. We trust in human power. We trust in green and bright future for our kids. And damn yeah, we love to help people find the best possible bikes for the budget!

We are located in Riga, the heart of three Baltic countries. You are welcome, biker !


Unlike most bike stores we keep in stock very few models. It helps to save money for our customers. We do of course carry a comprehensive range of spare parts to support our active service department, as well as components for building up or customizing bikes; especially wheels and tires, which make such a huge difference to the performance, comfort and capability of any bike.

The bikes we sell cover all kinds of riding – road, gravel, mtb, marathon, e-bikes, urban, kids, triathlon etc. They also cater for all budgets – but what they all have in common is quality. We have developed strong and close relationships with a small number of high-quality bike manufacturers that we really believe in. Without exception, their bikes are well-reviewed and have a strong track record – but what really counts for us is rider feedback, whether from customers or staff members, and we do our very best to test as many bikes as we can.

We will never try to sell you something that isn’t really suitable or that isn’t an ideal fit, just because we have it in stock. We will never try to sell you something outside your budget or blind you with cycling science in order to sell something that isn’t right for you. And you don’t need to be a bike geek to receive a warm welcome or honest advice.


We moved to our current store from a conventional showroom-based shop a few years ago, because we realized that the retail world was changing, and we needed to offer customers a much more personal service and even keener pricing.

We do still have a small display area – some might call it a showroom, but it isn’t open for browsing like in a traditional bike shop. Instead, we operate by appointment, and our staff are now free from supervising an open retail space to give our customers the face-to-face attention they deserve in dedicated appointment slots. And although our display area is much smaller than our old showroom, we often have more bikes in store than before – we simply bring them out to our display area for customers to really get their hands on when they are here.

Importantly, we have no “click to buy” option on any bike – from long experience we know how important is to talk through and confirm your needs before taking your order. Bikes have become more complex in recent years, so there a many more details that we need to pin down to make sure you are getting the right machine for you.

Key to our goal of providing customers with a bike that meets their own personal needs, whether that’s riding style, body proportions, usual riding terrain, comfort preferences etc., is customization. From the day we opened, over half of the bikes we sell have been tailored in some way – from free of charge size/ratio component swaps, right through to full custom builds. By far the most cost-effective time to tailor or upgrade your bike is when it’s new – and we are pretty much unique in offering no-cost swaps to large range of components.

All of our bikes are assembled on-site by some of the best technicians in the country. Every bike is built and set up to meet your measurements, and fully tuned for performance, reliability and safety before being collected or dispatched. It is NEVER just shipped to you in a factory assembled state, which is optimized for speed of assembly and economy of shipping, not for riding.


We operate an everyday low pricing policy, giving you great value for money all year round. We don’t have annual or end-of-season Sales – we have chosen our location to keep overheads low so that can be able to offer great prices every day of the year. Not just once or twice during Sale events.

We treat every customer equally, whether you are an occasional rider or someone with ten bikes in the garage – there is no need to haggle or ask for discounts, you will have our very best price to start with. And when comparing prices for fully tuned and personalized bikes we believe we are day-in-day-out the best value bike store in the Baltics.


You are here because:

* You want a fare deal!

* You want best bike for the money!

* You think your'e special and you want something special!

We are here because of:

* Wide range of premium bike brands at one place!

* Latest models for your selection!

* Customization - order your bike the way you want it! (remove or replace components)

* Professional bicycle assembling and service!

* Warranty, supported by authorized dealers!

Tight relationship with dealers and wholesalers ensures us best opportunity to serve you at highest level!

Everyday best price is just one of great reasons why you should order from us!