BMC RAD – Race Application Dropper

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Technical Manual Guideline for the basic maintenance of the Race Application Dropper seat-post

  1. General Note
  2. Basic Maintenance
  3. Saddle Height Adjustment
  4. RAD Seatpost removal
  5. Cable Replacement and Seatpost Installation
  6. Cable Housing Replacement and Seatpost Installation
  7. Contact Information

General Note
Important Notice
Every maintenance operation not expressly listed on this document should be performed by BMC or by a BMC service center not to void warranty!

  1. Operating Pressure:
    -Max 3 Bars/Psi
    -Recommended 2 Bars/Psi
  2. Torque settings:
    -Seatpost clamp: 4 Nm
    -Cable pinch bolt: 2Nm
    -Remote lever: follow marking on collar/lever
  3. Cable type:
    -Standard shifter cable 1.1/1.2mm
    Saddle rail compatibility:
    -Round or 7mm (height) for oval Carbon rails
  4. Basic Maintenance:
    Dust Wiper Cleaning:
    -25 Hrs.
    Seatpost Shaft Cleaning:
    -50 Hrs.
  5. Basic Maintenance
    To extend the life of your RAD seat-post we recommend
    to clean the seat-post exterior after each and every ride
    or race.
  6. Recommended periodic maintenance:
    – Dust Wiper cleaning: every 25 Hours of riding
    – Seatpost cleaning: every 50 Hours of riding


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